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Easy Chicken Gravy
ingredients: pan drippings| flour | water
1. If you followed my recipe for my roast chicken, you will find this gravy recipe will be extremely easy! 
--Take the cooked chicken out of the pan and set it aside. All that you should have left are those delicious drippings and the bed of veggies that you cut. Place this juice into a pan and put the stove on a low/medium setting, you do not want to burn it. 

2. Use a spoon and take all of the veggie remnants out of the pan and set aside, you will need those to further thicken and flavor your gravy.

3. Mix equal  parts of flour and water (I eyeballed this, I did not use specific measurements). This mixture will be your thickening agent for your gravy. This mixture should be smooth and free of lumps, like the consistency of soup, it should not be pasty. If you find that you want more sauce to cover your meat, add a bit of water to make more gravy. Be sure to add salt and pepper to taste, if needed. 

4. Add your pan veggies back in your gravy (if you like, you can leave them out, but they add even more flavor to your meat and gravy) and place your meat into the sauce and let simmer on low for 20 minutes.

Easy Roast Chicken
ingredients: chicken | 1 large onion | 1/2 a pepper (any color) | 1 TBSP of butter | Adobo Seasoning | Black Pepper

1. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. While your oven is heating up, cut up your onion and pepper and line the bottom pan of your pan with the veggies.

2. [Clean your chicken!] Place your chicken pieces directly on top of the veggies. Melt your butter and drizzle on both sides of the chicken. After you butter your chicken, season both sides with Adobo and black pepper.

3. Let the chicken cook for at least 1 hour, 30 minutes or until your chicken is golden brown and well done on the inside. Throughout the cooking process, be sure to baste your chicken with the butter sauce that accumulates at the bottom of your pan. Basting prevents your chicken from burning and drying out.

4. Once your chicken is cooked thoroughly, it should look something like this. Enjoy your chicken with a side of rice and other vegetables! 

                                                                       Meal Total: $7.95

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