Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goodbye CRB ... HELLO Stylishly Decadent!

It's been fun, but we have outgrown this site. Please follow me on my new journey here: STYLISHLY DECADENT.

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Hair Growth Secrets

Hello Beauties, 

Today is not a style post, but what's the best accessory that you can always change and update, that's right ... your hair!

Last winter, I decided to cut my own hair into a tapered fro! Though I enjoyed the short cut, I want my longer luscious curls back. I seriously have begun to realize how much I miss my puffs and ponytails. 

But, the great news I wanted to share with you all is how I have been growing my hair back in three simple steps, and no ... it does NOT include Hairfinity.

1. Drink Your Water:
As simple as it sounds, this is something we do not do often. Trust me I am guilty most days, but all we have in our kitchen is water and milk. Me and my boyfriend decided that it was time for us to clear our skin and our bodies, by consuming more water after giving birth to Emmanuel. And for the past year, not only has my skin flourished ... so has my hair during my growth journey!

2. Deep Conditioning with Coconut Oil
Deep conditioning with coconut oil can be done on both natural and relaxed hair. Coconut oil mimics the natural oil we have on our scalp, which helps promote healthy growth. Every weekend, if I'm good, or ever other weekend I like to wash or co-wash (it just depends on how I feel) and on my naked curls I just cover my scalp and hair with coconut oil and throw on a plastic shopping bag for 2-3 hours. With the coconut oil alone on your curls, your hair will be super soft, manageable and strong! 

3. Take Your Multivitamins
Ok, so I know everyone has been obsessing over Mane Choice and Hairfinity, and that's all good. Personally, I have had great experience with the continued use of my prenatal pills (I use Target brand and the Nature Made brand from Walmart), which have been successful. It is recommend for women to continue taking their prenatals after giving birth, so I have began re-taking them to help with my postpartum shedding. A multivitamin, or vitamin that focuses on hair and nails, will work just fine, just be patient and consistent.

What are you favorite ways to regrow your hair? 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jenna Lyons Copy Cat

 Hello Beauties,

Jenna Lyons, President and Creative Director of J.Crew, has been my style crush for the past month now. After first encountering her on GIRLS, I was instantly attracted to her style. 

Add insult to injury, she has been giving me life during Fashion Week (today, being the last day to oggle at the models on the runway)! One day, I will be in NYC to actually enjoy the overload of style and fashion during NYFW. 

To commemorate my style crush and the last day of Fashion Week, I give you this look! 

Wearing: SheInside Blazer| H&M Oversized Tee| Wet Seal Overalls 


Monday, September 8, 2014

Sports(wear) Maniac!

Hello Beauties,

Am I the only one who has been obsessing over the sportswear trend this summer? With fall knocking on our doors, uhh like today in chilly, rainy North Carolina, I will be transitioning this trend for the cooler months ahead! 

The dolled up sweatshirt, will totally be a staple in my wardrobe for fall and winter.

What are you looking forward to this fall/winter?

Friday, August 29, 2014

London School Girl

Hello Beauties,

So I just left you all with my favorite looks of the summer, and then I put this together! 

This jumpsuit might look familiar! My all-time favorite blogger Gabi, of GabiFresh, were sporting them here: Zip Front Overalls. As soon as I saw her stylish self wearing them I had to have them! Honey the are the BEST overalls ever, not only do they have a zipper front, they are more streamline and less farmer!

I decided to pair mine with an H&M mens button down, which I stole from my boyfriend! Pairing these gorgeous overalls with a button down was the perfect choice, I was serving London school girl all day! 

If you want you very own overalls, find them here: Wet Seal Zip Front Overalls. Hurry, they only have sizes 12, 14, and 16. FYI, just like Gabi shared, these overalls DO run true to size.

Wearing: H&M Top & Necklaces| Wet Seal Overalls| Just Fab Sandals

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Favorite Top 6 Summer Looks!

Hello Dolls,

I swear the summer flew by us, but it was a wonderful one for me and my family! 

Between swimming, enjoying new restaurants, seeing my little man meet each and every one of his milestones and becoming an Account Coordinator in my dream job working in social media; I did manage to snap some ootds! 

Below are my top six summer looks that I just adored. What are your favorites from the bunch?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Simplicity is Key

Hello Beauties,

The summer is coming to close and as I begin to round up my favorite looks from the season, this beauty popped up! I shared it on my Instagram, but it totally slipped my mind to share it (AGES ago). 

I love how a clean black and white ensemble looks, especially with an adorable wide brim hat! 

I hope your week has been amazing! Next week I will be sharing some of my favorite summer looks.