Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spoken Word Segment

i love me no matter the situation, love me or leave me that's your decision.
when i look into the horizon i see a vision as the melody hypnotizes my soul, and those melodic notes jump through my throat and create this thing we call POETRY. say yes like FLOETRY.

as i spit this line then rewind the hands of time, shit everything doesn't have to rhyme but my roots and culture will never leave me behind.

my lips, hips, and eyes all tell a story of what use to be..kisses so supple i needed another taste...mmm like the venemous kiss from a serpent

adam and eve created this distortion..with the bite of ripe fruit i was made to love you, but loving me more is something i MUST Do

sacraficing so much to please you, but that's my bad my fault. but as i assault this verse i think about all that could of been...but now i'm the fool stuck in love with a MEMORY.

--Billie Monroe
aka Chakayla

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