Monday, November 15, 2010


Hey CRB followers! Please excuse me for the lack of posts and interviews, but I'm back and ready to dish up more fashion goodness! So this Sunday I had a chance to interview the beautiful Keriann Correia, the designer of the amazing pin-up fashion line BOMBSHELL! This woman is absolutely amazing with a rich fashion background, a fashion alum from FIT in New York City. Originally a Massachusetts native, Keriann is knocking down the "cookie cutter fashion" world and creating her own trends with the integration of beloved vintage fashions.

CRB: Thank-you for taking the time out and getting to chat with me, so I've been checking out your Facebook page and your line reminds me of my first exposure to pin-up fashion from Kat Von D on LA Ink! I think its so dope! So where did your inspiration for Bombshell come from?

Keriann Correia: I have a fascination with the Golden Era and with the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. These time periods captured real woman's beauty it wasn't about the celebrities. I'm also into vintage cars.

CRB: What is the inspiration behind Bombshell Clothing? What was the drive behind creating a vintage pin up line?

KC: I'm inspired by styles with a real vintage feel, I make clothing for modern women. My clothing is classic, yet fashion forward. Meeting everyday people and doing new things inspire me to never be afraid to stand out.

CRB: When you attended FIT in New York, who had the most impact on you? What was something you learned that has always stuck with you?

KC: Probably, this lady I interned with named Vilma, she's a technical designer. She's a buddist, very centered, and she keeps me on track; she also helped me get my first two jobs in the fashion industry, now she works with me now.

CRB:What does she do?

KC: She works behind the scenes, making sure garments fit properly, Vilma knows how to make a garment work and bring it to life.

CRB:According to your mission: “to break the mold of cookie cutter fashion”
So tell me love…..what is the difference between BOMBSHELL and COOKIE CUTTER FASHION??
Well its something you won't find in the mall, we use a lot of mixed media, different silhouettes and cuts. It's important to be open in fashion marketing and open to new trends. Right now military fashion is really big now, if you look at the history of the Vietnam War and now, fashion has changed so much. Military jackets are in now!

CRB:If you could change anything in your fashion career what would it be?

KC: I wouldn't change anything, I really enjoyed being in FIT in New York. I love it up here you know

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