Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cleavland Designer on the Come-Up

Hello Loves!

Twitter has introduced me to the most amazing and dope people in the fashion industry! It has truly been a blessing to have so many dope people in my corner! Trust me, though it is a competitive industry, young designers and fashion bloggers on the come up stay close and network. Well,me and Kris Hilton have managed to do so. This young and fabulous designer from Cleavland, Ohio, has showed me much love on twitter and much love was given back! I am so excited to introduce Kris from "LiveWild" Fashion:

The Rundown:

Name: Kris Wheeler
Alias: Kris Hilton
Age: 18
Hometown: Euclid, OH
Occupation: Designer/Stylist/Model

Bio: My Names Kris Wheeler But I Go By Kris Hilton. I'm A Fashionista. I've Always Loved Fashion But Just Recently Got Involved In The Industry Sometime Last Year. Last Year I Decided To Start My Own Line Of Accessories & Eye Wear, Which Is Currently Still In The Process Of Being Launched In Cleveland. From There, A Lot Of Doors Opened For Me, Such As Modeling, Styling, Etc. Thus, Leaving My Mark In The Fashion Industry.

("LiveWild" Eye Wear)

Who inspires you to design? Who are your biggest inspirations in fashion?

Coco & Breezy And Stevie Boi Inspire Me With My Eye Wear Designs. In Regards Of Garments And Accessories, I Get Inspiration From Gareth Pugh, Viktor & Rolf, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Robot & Brucling, And John Galiano.

What is "LiveWild" Fashions?

It's Like An Alternative Lifestyle. A Way To Live A Wild Life, But By Expressing It Through Fashion. Everything I Do Is Made By Hand!

How has working in the fashion industry changed your perspective on the outside world of fashion?

Being Involved In The Fashion Industry Has Allowed Me To Get The "Inside" On Everything, And I'm That I'm Active In The Industry Things That Were Like "Amazing" To Me Aren't As Amazing Now That I'm Working Hands On With It. Ex: Fashion Shows. I Used To LOVE Fashions Shows. Watched 'Em Everyday. Now I've Been In Numerous Fashion Shows, So It's Not That "Amazing" Anymore But It's Def. Still Fun! Also, Now That I'm Working In The Industry I've Gained So Much More Knowledge Than I Had Before So People Take Me More Serious Now That I Know What I'm Talking About.

What do you like about being a stylist?

I Like Sharing My Visions With Others. I Love That Thrill Of Seeing Someone Walk Down The Runway Or Walk Down The Street In Something That You've Picked Out. It's Literally Bringing Dreams To Reality!

If you could describe your style, what would you say?

My Style Is Def. Eye Catching. You Can't Help But To Stare. I Get Stares And Compliments ANYWHERE I Go. I Think It's Because Nowadays You Rarely See Guys Who Actually Get DRESSED From Head To Toe,,Accessories And All. So To Run Into A Person Who Obviously Takes Time And Thought Into Getting Dressed, You Can't Help But To Acknowledge Their Presence With A Stare! Also, I Try Out So Many Different Styles, Very Diverse When It Comes Down To Fashion. There's Nothing Wrong With Taking A Risk!

What words of wisdom or advice would you give to upcoming designers and stylists?

This Is Such A Hard Industry To Get Involved In So You Have To Be Serious About What You're Doing. Don't Do It For The Money Or The Fame, Do It Because It's Your Passion. Learn To Accept Criticism And Rejection, Especially From The Public. People Are Going To Stare At You, People Are Going To Talk About You, So Why Not Give Them Something To Talk About Or Stare At? Design Something For The World To Be Amazed By. And Rememeber, Go Hard Or Go Home.


Maurice said...

I love the interview brother , keep up the good work and continue to strive for your goal ! See you at the top Kris Hilton ;)
-Maurice Ladon'

Eric Yazel said...

I love it! Kris Your getting there... WE are getting there! the top is near and we are gonna grab that torch!