Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"My Thrifted Closet" Feature

Hello Loves,

I'm back again to keep you posted with the fashion blogosphere. I've currently been featured on a new blog called My Thrifted Closet

The head blogger, SheRea, is actually a very close friend of mine. This budding thrift fashion blogger is definitely on the come up, coining the term "thriftsionista" keeps her posts more and more interesting by the hour, minute, and second (literally). This young lady, who has helped me take the majority of these pictures on here, has been a God send and an inspiration that has kept Classic.Raw.Beauty in motion. Now its her turn to shine and dominate, along side me of course :)I know she is destined for greatness!

Check out My feature here: Thrifted Fixtures: Feature on Chakayla

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