Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Artist Profile: Stages of Love

Hello Lovelies,

I'm back with another artist profile. I am so happy to be featuring this talented young woman from California. After tweeting about J.Cole, aka ColeWorld from Fayetteville, NC, one of my followers retweeted and told me to check out this young female songtress named GabbyRose. After checking out her profile on ReverbNation I was amazed with her soulful voice! Instead of talking your ears off please check her full length feature here on CRB.

Artist Rundown:

Name: Dominique Gipson
Alias: Gabby Rose
Age: 22
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Music Location: ReverbNation

Who are your musical inspirations?

Chaka Khan , Whitney Houston; Mariah Carey; Brandy ; Beyonce ; India Aire, Omarion , Chris Brown , Mario, Bow Wow.

"Imagination" is one of my favorite songs on your mixtape, what does the title stand for? What is the story behind this song and your music in general?

Imagination came about like most of my songs do, from my own personal experiences with love and relationships. To me the title and the song just mean sometimes when your in love things get crazy but when you have real love and you cherish it, it can take u anywhere u wanna be. So its really a song about being in love, loving every minute of it, having fun with it and taking that love wherever you wanna be, like "tropical islands , black sandy beaches."

How long was your mixtape in the making? What was the writing and beat producing process?

My mixtape has been in the making for several months now. I've written over 200 songs for this mixtape , of course i won't be using everyone , but i believe its important to write down every feeling and emotion you may have. I write everyday if i can , sometimes i give myself breaks just to keep everything fresh and real. The process of writing this mixtape has been rough, simply because its called "stages of love" and i'm writing about my pains, heartbreaks, insecurities, anger , happy times , depressed times , and anything else you can feel when in a relationship. Having to revisit some of that was hard on me! Finding the beats was cool, I can really appreciate a great track!

Do you plan on doing a collaboration with anyone soon, are there anymore projects in the making?

I hope to collab with a few people, a friend named Rayven Justice, my cousinCam Cam. I've done a few with friends but I'm willing and open to collabs. With anyone who loves music as much as me. YES with over 200 songs i have quite a few projects in the making.

Where do you like to shop?

My favorite store is H&M. They have the cutest stuff, but really my style depends on my mood. Some days i'll wear a dress or somedays you'll catch me in sweats. I'm usually a skinny jean kinda chick!

Who/what inspires your look?

My grandmother, she loved flashy , glittery glamorous things. I always have to have my nails real long , fresh color in my hair, and big earrings!

If you could describe your style, what you say?

Comfortable and classy with swag to match.

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