Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger Look-a-Like: SheRea

Hello Lovelies,

This is a special post that both me and my dope other half, SheRea of My Thrifted Closet, have been collaborating on since the end of the spring semester. She has been one of the most influential people in my life both inside and outside of the fashion blog world. Besides being an amazing friend to me, people think she is literally my blood sister (we definitely favor). This blogger-look-a-like post was adapted from Tiffany of Fat Shopaholic and Francesca of Frantic Dreams. After checking this post out me and SheRea decided to simulate this for our own followers! We hope you all love what you see!

Smooches From,

The Queen of Thrift (SheRea) and the Queen of Glam (Chakayla)

Queen of Thrift
Queen of Glam

Fit Rundown:

Vintage Earrings: GoodWill

Bangles: Jewelry Store In New Orleans

Vintage Floral Blazer: MegaThrift

Lace Top: WetSeal

Slacks: Blogger Thrifted (SheRea)

Taupe Sandals: Shoe Show (Winston-Salem)

Floppy Wool Hat: GoodWill

This outfit represents SheReas tropical flair that she loves to show throughout each outfit she puts together. She loves bold, bright colors, her specialty dope floral prints. Coincidentally, SheRea picked out this blazer while on one of thrifting adventures. This was a major push for me since I am not as bold and daring with colors like the amazing SheRea is. The thrifted vintage earrings represent SheReas love for unique jelwery that she has found while taking up the art of thrift. She has a HUGE, collection of jewelry and earrings that she has scored on great thrifting trips.

Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Scarf: Flea Market in the Bahamas

Lace Tank: WetSeal

Khaki Slacks: Blogger Thrifted (SheRea: My Thrifted Closet)

Strappy Wedges: Doll House

Ms. SheRea is big on thrifted slacks! She loves searching through the male slacks section of GoodWill. She is a true queen at the art of thrifting! There is nothing that she cant turn into a fabulous thrifted outfit. Since stepping into thick crowds of weekend GoodWill or MegaThrift customers, she always finds the most unique finds!

Our resemblance is crazy, right?


SheDel said...

Yes sister!!! YES!!! This is amazing. you make me sound like a goddess and I'm just me :) This has me blushing sooooo hard. wow I love you!! Continue to inspire me and be my friend and sister. Mucho Love.

Live. Laugh. Love Thrift.

SheDel said...

Yeah sistah!1 what's in ur bag? I wanna know that's why I tagged you in this post:

Billie Monroe said...

thanks baby!! i will show the content of my bag!! love you!

Gabriela said...

Just came across ur blog I love all the different looks LOVE LOVE LOVE. the floral blazer and sheer top I really like that look.