Sunday, May 29, 2011

In the Fashionable Depths of Charlotte, Look Who I Found:

Hera Nyx
Ode to Dawn: Aesthetics

This beautiful young lady is one of the dopest chicks I have met in Charlotte so far! Drawn to her unique take on the fashion industry through her personal clothing choices and dedication to the industry, Hera Nyx has inspired me to continue to push the limits of this industry. Hailing from the same small town in New Jersey I'm from, Englewood, we instantly connected when we first met on Tumblr over a year ago. Tossing ideas off one another and supporting each others fashion ventures has defined our friendship, and I am so glad we connected. After a year in the making, I now introduce Hera Nyx.
Blogger Rundown:
Name: Toya Brown
Alias: Hera Nyx
This is a formulation of two Greek goddesses
College: Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte, NC.
Major: Senior Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management

Ever since I was young I've always been that odd, misunderstood child, always finding a creative outlet whether it may have been writing, drawing, or cutting up clothes to make new looks for myself. Starting off as the very shy and reserved type I've always spent a lot of my time with clothes and found it as a way of expressing myself. Being heavily absorbed in different aspects of fashion itself I ventured out to find a school that could help direct me. I love taking advantage of every opportunity and finding ways to apply my skills. Working and volunteering in fashion shows, styling projects, and retail positions I have gained a better understanding which I am appreciative of. Right now I am working on my own blog ( along with a friend of mine which is based on the appreciation of humanity from all over the world. We want to embrace difference, expose individuality, and connect all as one. We travel to any and every location we can get to and embrace that environment to showcase to the world. Alongside my with my blog I am currently employed at Banana Republic which is a great experience for me as I work very closely to the merchandiser supervisor which deals with the visual of the store; I am constantly eager to learn.

Who are your biggest inspirations in fashion?
I am continuously inspired by simply ambitious people. I love to be around positivity and passion from any and everyone. Even those who may not particular have a fashion drive. Being around good vibes keeps me inspired within my own endeavors. Anna Wintour's drive inspires me to remain confident. Janelle Monae &Erykah Badu's vibe and Candance inspires me.
How has working in the fashion industry changed your perspective on the outside world of fashion?
The fashion industry is one that is very competitive. I feel my personality is quite different from the alignment of how the industry operates. I promote being true to self while embracing difference. I want to add a new page to the fashion industry, in a sense take it in a new direction. Especially being an African American female.
How does your style project who you are and what you've experienced while in fashion realm?
I am one to consider my style as moody. It alters much with my state of mental being and along with my current mood. One day I may feel Serene Marley (one of my alter ego). and go for a calm and inquisitive look. While another day I would gear towards an very vibrant live look. Overall though I would condense to say my current style is very artsy. Playing with shapes, colors, and silhouettes.
Being the fashion maven after my own heart, what would be some words of encouragement for those who want to be in the industry?
As hard it is may be never give up, dream big and stay persistent. Always remember those who have succeeded have often failed more than you would think. Stay true to yourself and keep a positive attitude.

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