Saturday, June 18, 2011

Enter the Fox Hole

"1-2-3 we're Musical Refugees, and If you wanna study up on we then you can check the history."

-Thee Red Fox ("Music Refugees")

The Red Fox is back on the scene once again showcasing her amazing talents at the Juneteenth Fest here in Charlotte, NC, by featuring her wonderful vocals for local artists. If you guys are familiar with the face and the musical talent of The Red Fox with her April Artist Profile, then you won't be surprised with the second mixtape she has produced titled You Big Dummy. Her melodic voice is both power and subtle voice will move your soul, no doubt about that!
Makeda (aka Thee Red Fox) blessing the mic in Charlotte, NC
The Cipher Recreated (left to right): Jopedo(producer), Wr. Dice(rapper), Thee Red Fox(singer), and Deyzo(singer)
The Queen Rocking the Mic with Wr. Dice

Be sure to check out her new mixtape here: You Big Dummy

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