Sunday, July 3, 2011

Revamped Fashion

"Baby I got a pocket full of dreams."
-Cher Lloyd

Over this past year and a half, Charlotte Russe has become a staple boutique in my wardrobe. Many of the posts I have done, I've had on something that I purchased from Charlotte Russe. Since I believe in penny pinching at times, I will cut something and sew it back real quick. This post represents just that, my passion of redefining a piece of clothing to fit your needs and wants.

My summer has been both inspiring and motivational, and I will do whatever it takes to share it with you guys!!

Spring 2010 Summer 2011

The simple revisions that I made to this garment are:

1. Spaghetti Straps cut and made to tie behind my neck (4os inspired flair)
2. Dress is actually cut to the mid-drift
3. This Maxi Skirt is actually an Old Navy Dress
4. For a more polished look, I paired a belt from Old Navy with this outfit

Its as easy as a few snips and staple pieces to recreate a whole new wardrobe without spending boat loads of money.


The Young Radicals said...

1. love your blog (now following you)
2. i'm jealous of your hair...seriously, i am
3. i love your style...effortless
4. Keep up the good job.



The Young Radicals said...

oh and ps::
5. Charlotte russe is awesome with their mad sale...the outlet mall where i stay had many good stuff as cheap as 2 bucks...penny pinching heaven

Marella said...

Love this outfit, soooo cute!
Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3

Billie Monroe said...

@ The Young Radicals thanks my love!! im so proud that your following me :)i love your blog so much and your style is insane, I can so relate!! Thanks my love, natural is the best thing ever!!

@Marella thanks lovely!!!! following you now :)

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

LoVe your style! Love how u redid that dress looks great!!

Billie Monroe said...

Thanks Inez!! I so appreciate your lovely comment!

Vivi said...

This is such a cute concept. And it worked out perfectly. Great outfit.

Katie Mac said...

Wow, talking about stretching out your outfits…to cute looks! Love it and love the hair you look fabulous!

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you ladies!!!!!!!!!! you all give me inspiration! Welcome to Classic.Raw.Beauty my lovelies :)

Coily Mystic said...

Your hair and that skirt is amazing!

Fashion Means Everything said...

love your skirt

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you ladies!! I appreciate your lovely comments!! Fashion ROCKS!!