Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OOTD: Audrey Hepburn meets Stepford Wife

"Sorry for the Wait"
Weezy F. Baby

Hello Loves,

Excuse me for the lack of OOTDs, this summer has been a wonderful one but busy all the same. I finally got the chance to snap a couple of photos of my new favorite summer fit! I felt really sophisticated and vintage last weekend and I had to share this with all my lovely new and seasoned followers! And to think I was going to throw away those lovely suede wedges away, that would have been a fashion crime! When I first got them they were extremely uncomfortable, but now they fit like they were exclusively made for me. Old finds can become new obsessions and fashion staples! I would love to hear from you lovely ladies!

Fit Rundown:

Vintage Inspired Frames-Charlotte Russe
Necklace-Jewelry Spot in New Orleans
Dress turned Skirt-Charlotte Russe
Studded Clutch-Rue21
Suede Wedges-DSW online

I fell in love, and ended up in shoe heaven.

I dedicate this to Ms. Hepburn



wait until the sunset said...

looking gorgeous!! That skirt makes your legs look banging!

LaToya said...

You look undeniably amazing. I love the skirt and the heels. Fierce!

Inez of Style Chic 360 said...

I love that skirt!

Dreek♥ said...

love that skirt and that necklace!!

LOVING ME said...

i love the look and that pumps is fierce. great job and it's look effortless...kisses!

CheapChic&Curvy said...

I'm digging that outfit girl! That skirt is an awesome DIY! Don't you just love when shoes seem as if their made just for YOU!? It's the greatest feeling ever lol!

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you ladies for all the love! You all serve as perfect examples of how women should carry and love themselves!! Welcome Welcome Welcome :)


i love your style! thank you for following back :)))

nookie said...

looking fab! love your skirt, gorgeous outfit!

Nique said...

HOT!!! Love this look on you.

Very nice blog! Look forward to reading more.



*New Follower"

Coily Mystic said...




Billie Monroe said...

*Smiles WIDE* thanks lovelies!!!!!