Thursday, September 22, 2011

CRB DIY: Button Down Cut Out

Hello Lovelies!

So its been a while since I've posted a DIY project. This Button Down Cut Out project is perfect for those divas looking to recreate their wardrobe without breaking the bank. As you all may know, I am not afraid to cut, trim, and sew my clothes into something completely different. I don't wanna talk your ears off :)
Here is the DIY, let me know what other projects you would like to see posted. 

                                                     Materials You Will Need
                                                         1. Iron
                                                         2. Sewing Machine
                                                         3. Pins
                                                         4. An Old Button Down
                                                         5.Any piece of frilly fabric
 Now Let the Transformation Begin....

 Before You Begin, Iron the Piece of Fabric that
you will attach to the opening of your button down. It
will help the fabric to lay flat while sewing it down.

 (This process is not needed)
Since I work in a costume shop, I have access to a Surgerer 
Machine. In which raw edge fabrics can be sewed and cut 
to prevent fabric destruction.
 (After Surge)

 Use your pins to hold the fabric in tact. 
Make sure to attach fabric under the shirt, rather than on top.
 (Finished Product)

 Sew fabric on to button down, take out your pins as you go.

Final Step, Sew Raw Edges of the Button Down, 
For a clean, classic look.

The cute final project, I will be making more alteration for a better fit.

What do you think ladies?


TeTe said...

I think it turned out cute.

I wanna be fierce said...

How cute is that. Someone pretty handy with sewing.


Billie Monroe said...

Thanks ladies!!!! Yay! I still have some alterations to do to it!

wait until the sunset said...

oh very cool! I love DIY