Friday, September 30, 2011

New Face to CRB

Hello Lovelies, 

Classic.Raw.Beauty is going through a radical change :)
Always for the better. I am adding more content, besides
my personal style, which has gotten to be extreme tiring 
and just down right boring for me. New ladies
will be added to the mix on various topics from music to
fashion intern diaries! This is an amazing time for me and 
the possible new faces of CRB!
I hope you all will be as excited as I am :)

Love You All,



Anonymous said...

aw hun I love when bloggers experiment with new, original ideas for their blog! And I love your doing more for your blog then just personal style - cool! Following your blog empress. Check out mine! And if you like it, follow me too!!

Peace + Love:

Billie Monroe said...

Thanks doll!! I so appreciate the love! I can't wait to reveal a new side to CRB! Checking you out now :)