Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OOTD: Textured Coral

Another day inching closer to fall! Even though the sun will be hiding out for a while, I refuse to pack away my summer clothing. I am infamous for paring any styled skirt with tights, leg warmers, and boots! I am a boot addict so anything that can be paired with my favorite shoe staple I am so down! As you lovely ladies know, when I love a clothing staple I will wear it to death (usually giving people the impression I have a lot of clothing, false)! But this once Coral Wrap Dress from then Faith21, now Forever21 Plus, has become one of my favorite versatile clothing staples. Since its SUPER short as a dress, i decided to wear it as an awesome skirt. 

 Summer 2011 (you will be missed)

Fall 20ll (hello combats)
 Ladies you will see these lovely boots a lot during the winter months.

 Fit Rundown:

Leather Jacket: Wilson Leather Online
Scarf: Actually a Forever21 maxi dress
Boots: Forever21 


A combination of mixed prints and color blocking! Score! Two lovely trends in one.


mslitta said...

OMG, you look so adorable and raw at the same time. I love combat boots and I love yours. That is crazy how you turned your dress into a scarf and I must say the txtures look AMAZING!

Billie Monroe said...

Thanks so much doll!!!!! I am totally obsessed with combats and frilly things, why not combine them lol :)

CheapChicandCurvy said...

You did that lol! I can't wait to bring out my patent leather combat boots lol! You should do a DIY video for the scarf...I would love to see how you managed to turn a dress into a scarf!

Billie Monroe said...

Of course! I will definitely get on it! I need more DIYs on here :)