Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sadity Kitty Website Photos

Hello Ladies!
My semester has been hectic already, and its only the second week, but I'm rolling with the punches. Let's rewind a bit back to the summer, I worked with an up and coming boutique owner Ruby Jones of Sadity Kitty Fashions ! This was an amazing experience I got to walk in my first fashion show with her and on top of that she asked if I would like to be one of her models for her online boutique. Below are some of the photos from the shoot we had. 
Well here they are! I am extremely satisfied with the photos she chose! Please check her site out here, Sadity Kitty Fashions. 
This is the gorgeous dress I got to wear in my first Sadity Kitty Fashion Show

Runway Glam 2011 

This playsuit is everything!



CheapChicandCurvy said...

Hey Chakayla! Girllll you look great! congrats on the modeling opportunity. I checked the website out and I'm loving the Artsy Cow Neck Dress; fabulous! Hang in there girly!


Billie Monroe said...

Hi Kourtney!!! Thanks so much doll! I'm glad you got the chance to check out her site! She is amazing!! PS im in love with your blog!!!

Stay Fabulous Sweetie!

Inez| Style Chic 360 said...

u look fab
congrats on the shoot!

Billie Monroe said...

Thank Inez! Your such a doll!