Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's A Fit Without the Best Asset?

Hello Lovelies!

I know this is a fashion blog, but what's an outfit without your best accessory? Yes, your hair! For the past two months I have been researching the best methods to effectively condition and moisturize my naturally curly hair. Who knew it could be inside a banana peel and a beehive! Banana and honey, that's right ladies! The delicious healthy food we intake can be used in your hair, especially if your running low on your favorite (expensive) conditioner. Homemade conditioner are the great elixirs that can cure dry and moisture deprived hair (no matter the hair type). Take a peek into the life of curly heads like me:

Ingredients for Conditioner:

Over Ripen Banana
Grapeseed Oil
Conditioner (I used Herbal Essences: Totally Twisted)
Shower Cap

 Slice the over ripen, extremely soft, banana in half and gut the middle of the fruit. The
middle has seeds and trust me you do not want this sticking to your hair.

 When Sliced, mash the soft banana in a cup or bowl. Add a small amount of conditioner
add with about a half cup of oil Grapeseed or Olive Oil. Don't forget a tablespoon of honey for 
added moisture and shine to your hair.
 To the mixture add some water (just a tad: if too thick add a good amount and stir)

 This will get messy, put on an old tshirt and section your hair and add the mixture to you hair.
Two strand twist or clip your hair and put on a shower cap and chill for about 1-2 hours (in my case 3 while in the library)
Hop into the Shower and rinse :)

Don't forget to moisturize with conditioner and seal with oil or Shea Butter. 



I will have to try this. I have naturally wavy hair but my little girl is curly. You have the most beautiful skin I've ever seen. So flawless and glowing! Kiah

Billie Monroe said...

Yes it is a wonderful curly hair remedy! Thank you so much Kiah, I'm all smiles right now!

Crystal said...

gorgeous hair =)


Billie Monroe said...

Thanks Miss Crystal! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!