Monday, October 24, 2011

OOTD: Fall Already?

Hello Lovelies!

Today has been an amazing day, I hope you all are feeling the same way! So this weekend has been an amazing shopping journey! Who doesn't love to shop on a thrifted budget? I found a lot of precious gems for the fraction of the price :) I was lucky this weekend!! Thank goodness for Goodwill and the Sales Rack! This is by far, one of my favorite outfits yet (and I rarely get a chance to say that lol). I must say the tights I have on are a bit pricey ($13 a pop) but they are the BEST TIGHTS ever! They were a wonderful investment, thanks to my friend Epiphany who is the QUEEN of TIGHTS!! Department store finds are those of quality, so glad I finally have a pair (or two)! 

What are you ladies planning on wearing as the seasons change?
 Outfit Rundown:

Hat: GoodWill
Oversized Cardigan: Goodwill
Top: Marshalls
Shorts: Friend Thrifted
Tights: HUE (the best tights I have EVER WORN!)
Boots: Dolce Vita for Target


Epiphany Espinosa said...
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Epiphany Espinosa said...

Love the fit mama!! Especially that dope cardigan :)

Billie Monroe said...

Thanks love!!! We were together we I got it :) lol (of course you know that)

mslitta said...

I really need to hit up goodwill for a sweater like that. Love the fit.

Vivi said...

Your oversized cardigan? I need it. Very cute.

Billie Monroe said...

thank you ladies!!!!!!