Saturday, October 15, 2011

President's Ball Extravaganza

Well Hello Lovelies!

Last night was the most amazing time I've had since arriving to school, ok the most amazing ELEGANT event :) My university has a bi-annual President's Ball, where we honor the university's President. It was an absolutely event, I had the time of my life (until the drunk students came lol). But to each its own!
I could not decide what pictures I wanted to put up, so I basically put them all up! Check out the amazing people I go to school with, they are just absolutely fabulous! 

My favorite Freshman! 

Is this dress not GORG!

Check out the BACK!
Ended the night with the most amazing ladies in the world!


Maisha said...

I Love your dress!! Is that a thrifted find?

Chubby-but-Lovely said...

I love your hair. How did you get it like that? You look great by the way.

~Shay~ said...

sooooo 1st let me say you are just fierce on a whole new level. but I saw the pics of this dress on your facebook and i actually snapped at me phone. yelling *WORK* you wore this so well. perfect match with the shoes. and you better rock the natural hair.


The Notorious ZAG said...

I LOVE your hair. I've become way too lazy when it comes to my hair, but my excitement has been revitalized, because yours is fabulous. Those shoes are BAD and go perfectly with that dress. Brilliant!!

BrittanyZolaThrifts said...

Wow, that dress looks amazing! And the hair, wonderful!

BrittanyAnne said...

You look absolutely STUNNING in that red. Loves it!!! Britt

Rose from Rosedale said...

lovin the dress and those shoes!!! you look fierce!!!

newest follower here :)
check out my blog if you can

Must Be Jam said...

that dress is EVERYTHING!!!! Please spill where you got it!!!