Monday, November 7, 2011

College Fashion Chronicles: Chelsea H.

"Don't be afraid to be you"
Chelsea Hopson

Ok my loves, this is by far one of my favorite college features here on Classic.Raw.Beauty. This young lady attends my university, so I am super excited to be featuring her. Mostly quite and reserved, this fashion maven expresses her personality and delightful ego through her fashion choices. Chelsea is the epitome of style and grace. Her modern and vintage pieces spark inspiration for cool, chic outfits. Literally, my jaw drops every time I see her strut on the quad on her way to class. She is simply amazing, and my favorite featured fashionista:
Name: Chelsea Hopson
Age: 19
University/Occupation: Biology Major, Political Science/Film Studies Minors
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Current Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Where are your absolute favorite places to shop?

This is an easy question. I absolutely love H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Goodwill, a store in Richmond, VA, called Rumors and any other thrift store. 

Which stores have your "go to" items that you have to have?

 I would say that all the stores I shop in have an item that I must have. I can always count on Forever 21 for shoes or jewelry, Urban Outfitters for unique pieces, Goodwill for unique, affordable items, and H & M for my classy, sexy pieces.

How does your personal style reflect your personality?

 I feel as though my personal style directly reflects my personality.  I am very different, quirky, original, classy, fun, goofy, analytical, and the list goes on. My style shows all of that in one. Some days I may wear something vintage inspired and the next wear something with more of a street style. My style is me and whatever I want to wear. Also I can be kind of shy at first so I try to let my clothes show who I am even if I can’t myself at times.

              What kind of inspirations do you draw from with outfits you pick out for class or an outing?

I don’t have specific inspirations.I may be inspired by the weather and nature, or a movie I saw, or a picture viewed. I usually just wear what makes me happy. For class I wear whatever I feel like wearing. For an outing I have really drifted towards being sexy with as much clothes on as possible. I feel like for outings to the club girls feel like they have to wear nothing while my friends and I wear “clothes” such as pants and button ups or cropped sweaters and skirts. We stand out easily and reflect the young women we are.

    If you could have the CRB wish to have a dinner with any fashion icon who would it be?

Ok I have a tie between to lovely ladies. I would want to have dinner with Solange Knowles and Zoe Saldana because I absolutely adore and look up to these two women for style. Solange style drastically change when she went natural, that is with hair, and I have been following her ever since. I have natural hair also so I can look to her for new hairstyles. Also her style mixes patterns very well and I love to mix and contrast with my outfits. Zoe is just raw beauty. Her clean-cut, different pieces are absolute wants of mine. I never question what she wears and her looks are always sharp, classy, sexy, and fun at the same time. These two are what I inspire my style to encompass.

What trends are you drawing inspiration from right now?

I think I am drawing inspiration from like combat boots with skirts or dresses, wedged boots or oxfords, maxi skirts such as maxi chiffon skirts, vintage which is always in, ethnic prints, skinny cords, a colored lip and the 70s. I am in love with wide leg pants especially wide leg chiffon pants.

What kind of advice would you give to the lovely ladies who follow CRB, pertaining to how to create their very own personal style?

I would say don’t be afraid to be you and to broaden your fashion horizon. If you want to wear two vibrant patterns in one outfit, or mix vintage pieces with an urban twist DO IT! Wear what feels right to you and what makes you happy. Also I would one day think of an outfit that you want to try. Instead of going to places like Forever 21 where you can look at the manikin and imitate the style, go to a thrift store or Goodwill. What I love about these places is that they are extremely affordable and they force you to be creative and to think outside the mainstream box. So to develop personal style, be yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things.

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