Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fashion Blogger Chronicles: Shainna Tucker

All fashion blogger friends have an interesting tale of when they first met. After posting pictures from my first runway show on Tumblr, Shainna was the first to reblog all of my photos. After contacting me about featuring more of my looks on her blog, A Thick Girl's Closet, our friendship blossomed from there. Shainna, better known as Shay, has an amazing spirit and a great eye for fashion. I would love to introduce one of good fashion blogger friends:

 Name: Shainna aka Shay
Age: 21
Course Major (Minor): Communications Major and Studio Art Minor
HomeTown: Montclair, NJ

 Where are your absolute favorite places to shop? Which stores have your go to items that you have to have?

Forever 21(skinny jeans), Asos, Aldo, Target, Thrift Stores, Call it Spring (for bags), and Torrid.

 How does your personal style reflect your personality? What kind of inspirations do you draw from with outfits you pick out for class or an outing?

My style reflects my personality in that it is very “out there” It’s fun, a little loud lol I like to try new things in life and my wardrobe is no different. My inspiration for picking out an outfit depends on where I’m going. But mostly blogs and other fashion bloggers. And online shopping. Sometimes just seeing a certain item in a store or online will trigger an outfit idea.
IFB (Independent Fashion Blogger) Conference Look

 What trends are you drawing inspiration from right now?

Oh man…high waisted a-line skirts (with belts), lace up wedge booties, colored jeans, leggings (of always), blazers(colored and white with black lapel), that’s just to name a few.
 Do you have any favorite fashion blogs? Magazines? Website? If so, what are they?
Ok I’m gonna have cut this one short, but here we go…
My Thrifted Closet
Stylish Curves
Classice Raw Beauty
Nadia Aboulhosn
Fashion Bananas
Dulce Candy
Curvy Geekery
Independent Fashion Bloggers

What kind of advice would you give to the lovely ladies who follow CRB, pertaining to how to create their very own personal style?

Honestly I would say, don’t be afraid to try things. Playing dress up is not just for little girls any more. Find reasons to dress up, going to class is always a good excuse to wear a new item you got over the weekend. Find out what works for you. Some times you’re gonna have a hit, and some times you’re gonna miss lol and that’s fine. For the curvy women, not all styles are only for straight size women, play around with things that might seem risqué or out of your reach. You might surprise yourself. And last but not least the best asset to your personal style is your CONFIDENCE. If you don’t love yourself in the inside…honey you clothes and style mean nothing. You male the clothes. They don’t make you. That’s is super cliché but it is so true. Walk with your head held high…that’s sexy.


Ticka said...

What a great feature! Shay is very pretty with FAB style.

Chris @ Granola2Glam said...

Cobalt looks stunning on you! I wish I could find some cobalt pieces. Thanks for the inspiration!