Monday, January 30, 2012

New Jersey Recap :)

Lost One Follower :(

But it's all good :) 

Life has been so good for me this past month and a half! Spending that wonderful month in New Jersey really made me realize how much I've missed being a Jersey girl. Not only that, I truly missed being around my family and childhood friends 24/7.  The time that I shared with my family and friends can really be summed up in the following photos. The time I spent back home in New Jersey was a time to remember :)

I love all my new and veteran followers :)
The Surprise of the Year: seeing my GREAT friend Louis 

 Party Time in Philly 
My lovely ladies :)

On the Outskirts of Time Square for NYE :) 

 The Wonderful ladies I spent NYE and NY with :)

NYC fits me well 

Ready for our travels to Brooklyn 

 My gorgeous first cousins at my God Sister's Baby Shower

 One of the Biggest CRB fans :) My little cousins Kiana

Left these glasses in New Jersey :(

The Birth of another Queen in the family :)
Donae <3


I wanna be fierce said...

Glad you had a good time.


Mrs. T. Mac. said...

Great post! Congrats on the new Queen in the family. She is beautiful! You look fabulous in all of the pics :)


Billie Monroe said...

Thank you ladies :)

Falala Mele said...

Oh I feel like I have missed so much...Your NY and family time looked so good.... the changes look good ;)

Billie Monroe said...

Thanks Mele!!! Once again you are amazing!