Sunday, February 19, 2012

CRB Studded Collar DIY

Hello Lovelies!

I'm not sure if you all can tell, but I have been in a extreme DIY, creative state of mind lately. 
While surfing on my favorite site, American Apparel, I got the great idea to transform a thrifted brown button down, into a chic sleeveless shirt with silver studs on the collar! That is just what I did! 

I will give you ladies the cool steps on how to create this look for your up and coming summer wardrobe. 

Ladies you have the option to buy studs online, or do what I did and recycle some :)
This was an old purse I didn't carry much, I decided to use the square studs to place on my shirt.

For this DIY you will need:
1. Studs (gold or silver)
2. Fabric Glue (NOT HOT GLUE, ladies this will destroy the fabric of your top)
3. Old or Thrifted button down
4. Fabric Scissors (or normal scissors)
5.Sewing Machine

 1. Decide how you want to attach your studs
(TIP: it is better to just attach them on the tip of the collars since it will create a heavy collar)

2. Attach with your fabric glue

3. Allow collar to dry for 48 hours.
4. In order to achieve the sleeveless look, cut sleeves with a fabric scissors and sew frayed edges (turn shirt inside out)

 5. Wear as you please
(I like to wear it buttoned to the first button to show off the studs)

 Enjoy :)


Kfedland said...

such a good idea to spruce up a collar. i love it.x

Darius Burnette said...

You went DIY on us ! loving the details.