Thursday, March 1, 2012

CRB Fashion Icon: Solange Knowles

Hello Lovelies! 

Long time no BLOG! I just have to share my loves right now! I have been so obsessed with DJ and model Solange Knowles! She has given me so much life lately! Never afraid to take chances and make others double take is what makes me love her! She is definitely a style icon. If I have no idea what I want to wear or what fashion theme I want to go for during the week, I quickly tune in to Solange's blog My Damn Blog or her Instagram. She is dynamic and phenomenal! It is a must to tune into her innovative looks and insightful outlook on life, love and music! 
Solange Instagram

The Woman Is a BEAST DJ!! Love her!

Box Braids and a Jamaican Tan! Instagram

My Damn Blog


Kelly Monroe said...

Love Her!

I wanna be fierce said...

She is a style beast. Love Solange.


Billie Monroe said...

She is truly amazing!!!

Falala Mele said...

she is my absolute favourite person...I dig her style sooooo much <3

Billie Monroe said...

Mele we are in agreement with that one :)

lasophia said...

Solange has great style and is a great song writer. Many forget she's written a lot of DC songs and beyonces. What a talented woman.

Billie Monroe said...

Yes she is awesome! Hidden wonder she is!!!!