Thursday, April 26, 2012

CRB Does Natural Hairspiration

Hello Lovelies!! 

So lately I have been in tune with my natural hair these past couple of months! Being a naturally curly chick is the best part of being me! I love my hair and the different things I can do with my hair!

These wonderful ladies, Shanti and Antoinette, are two natural hair pioneers that I just recently found on the natural hair and lifestyle site: Urban Bush Babes (an incredible site that I frequent weekly!) Shanti and Antoninette are the head bloggers of their natural hair and lifestyle blog called: Around the Way Curls (fun right? indeed it is)! I have been watching their videos for the past two days now, and I have gotten so inspired to wear my hair up, down, wrapped, and just simply curly! 

This hair style was inspired by Shanti's Side Roll Updo Tutorial: 

Shanti's Side Roll Updo

What do you ladies think? Cute right! I love it!

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