Friday, June 1, 2012

CRB Reviews: Escante Lace Bustier

Hello Dolls!

So today I have a special post, something that Classic.Raw.Beauty has never done before. *Cues in Drum Roll* I will be doing a blogger review of Plus Size Lingerie Boutique’s intimate apparel for curvy girls! When contacted by the company, I was extremely excited to be the voice of opinion for women of similar build who may purchase items from this online boutique.

When opening the complementary package from Plus Size Lingerie, I was ecstatic to find a pair of nylon knee highs and a naughty G-string to go along with the lace bustier. These complementary items made this review even more fun to do!  

When looking at the product online, I thought the bustier would be more rigid like a bustier and more curve enhancing. To my surprise, the lace bustier was more soft than rigid, I was kind of disappointed that the picture online did not fulfill what I thought I saw. Once I tried this bad by on, the lingerie boutique was forgiven instantly, because the top of the bustier supported my C-cup breasts perfectly! I usually have an issue trying to find lingerie from stores like Lane Bryant, whose cup sizes fail to fit my cup and width sizes. Plus Size Lingerie Boutique won me over with the adjustable strap that can tighten or loosen the cups for my personal comfort level. 

Though I was not a huge fan of the boning within the lace bustier, the middle lace panel smoothed my middle section impeccably. It definitely gave off a slimming effect to my curvy silhouette. I loved this about the lace bustier. 

I was determined to incorporate this piece of lingerie into my casual wear with this maxi skirts and distressed jean jacket. Though this lingerie trend is risqué, I decided to pair it with simple, classic pieces. 

Overall I give this item a B +, this would definitely be an online boutique I would shop at again. I highly recommend this product to all my curvy ladies looking for intimate apparel for that special someone or for those looking for  a unique piece to add to their wardrobe. 

Fit Rundown:
DIY Jean Jacket
Lace Bustier: Plus Size Fashion Boutique 
Pleated Maxi Skirt: GoodWill 

I wanted to share this find from Ebay, I was looking for a cube ring and scored this for $.99! The wonders of online shopping! 


lalaG said...

dahling. you look fab. i mean model good!
but you always do!

Fredetta said...

cute look! love the maxi skirt!

Shanice Wynter said...

Loving it!


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Have You Lived Today? said...

looks great on you!



C.Brocka. said...

Where did you get your shoes from? They are so cute!

alchi yonjen said...

hey there..nice oytfit..the denim vest is adorable..:-) do check my blog as well when you have time..and if you like it follow me and i will sure follow you back love..keep updating!!xxx