Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Curvy Girls Thrift Too!!

To all my Curvynistas:

Thrifting is our best friend. There are so many options to choose from when browsing through racks in Goodwill. Below are some of my FAVORITE finds that I scored last week Friday. Me and many other ladies have been walking examples that clothing fits the curves we are rocking. I have to bits of advice for my ladies teetering and tottering between thrifting:

1. Make it WORK.
2. Be confident and patient.

There will be times when you won't find the things you were looking for, but those are the times to fine tune your favorite thrift stores and the items you get from each store. 

This skirt is actually a two-for-one, floral during the day (below) and leopard at night. 

I hope this post gives you more faith in thrifting, please do not give up on it.

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Kiwi said...

Such great pieces, I wish there was Thrift shops over here in the UK.


Miss Dre said...

You scored some great pieces! I love the leopard skirt and the teal patterned button-up!

Billie Monroe said...

@Kiwi, omg that is such a HUGE surprise, no thrifing in the UK at all?? This needs to be solved ASAP :) Thank you for the support!

@MissDre Thank you so much, these were my favorite choices. You should have seen how HUGE my pile of clothes were in the mini cart in Goodwill.

afatgirlsblues.com said...

i want number 7 like immediately! great finds diva!

Billie Monroe said...

So glad to see a fat girls blues on CRB, thank you so much! That was one of my favorite finds, this picture does it no justice.