Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Style Profile: Kelly of KellyMonroe

Hello Dolls!

To kick off my Style Profile Series, I would love to introduce to you Kelly of Kelly Monroe 

Fashionista Stats:
 Name: Kelleashia (Kelly)
Age: 27 
Occupation: Blogger, Healthcare Employee and Grad Student
Location: Mobile, Alabama

What or who inspires your personal style?

My personal style is influenced by my idea of what looks good to me!  My style is also influence by photo layouts in magazines, television and sometimes fellow bloggers.  My "go-to" fashion pieces are my DIY jean vest, skinny jeans, and bold accessories.

What makes you a fashionable individual?

My ability to try things before saying, "Oh thats not for me!" A lot of plus size women are afraid to try things on. I embrace all of my flaws. I never say, "I can't wear that," I try it and make it work for me and my body type!

If you could swap wardrobes with any fashionista, who would it be with and why?

If I could swap closets it would be with Solange! I love how she pairs things together.  Her pieces are versatile, you can wear them together or as seperates.

Share your favorite outfit for the summer: 

My favorite outfits for the summer are dresses and rompers because it is extremely hot and humid in Mobile! 

Please be sure to check out Kelly's personal blog: KellyMonroe