Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day !!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day my loves! 

I decided to be a bit festive for the season of love and rocked a 50s inspired look!
You all won't believe how much this entire outfit cost {excluding shoes of course}!
My glam look {including my necklace, earrings and ring} came up to a grand total of 


Oh, the joys of thrifting!!

 How will you lovelies be spending your Valentines Day?
Fit Rundown

Earrings: $.50
Necklace: $1 
Wool Cape {Goodwill}: $3
Dress: $2
Belt {Goodwill}: $1

What a beautiful day to celebrate love!

Smooches! Happy Valentines Day!!


Voluptuous Vixen said...

That cape is gorgeous! What a cheap and chic outfit! I would love to have that cape for the coming winter!! Love, love, love!!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit, your charity shops are so much cheaper then jealous xxx

Fredetta said...

That cape is too cute!

Billie Monroe said...

You ladies ROCK!

snazzyraz said...

Love this outfit!