Monday, May 27, 2013

Top 4 Best Campus Looks

Happy Memorial Day Lovelies!

To celebrate our time spent with one another on this blog throughout my journey 
through fashion and academics, I decided to compile four of my favorite looks from my senior year of college. After spending some time browsing through this blog from the first post to the present post, this blog and my sense of style have changed tremendously. It is quite exciting 
to have a digital lookbook of outfits that I have put together, and to see how my style and interests have transformed with the progression of this blog. 

Let's take a trip down memory lane together. 
1. Dorm Closet Staples: Printed Blazers & Thrifted Leather Skirt
On days when I was not in the mood to get dressed for class, I would always
gravitate toward these two statement pieces. These pieces would create
both an effortless and semi-casual look when traveling to classes.

2. I Dream of Versace Staple Blouse
On a chance trip to Goodwill one weekend with my roommate, I finally found a
100% silk "chain-esque" top that was all the rage on Ebay and Tumblr this past fall. 
This top gave any look I put together a classic and expensive feel to it, despite the fact
that I purchased it for only five bucks.

3. Classic Black Romper, Liz Claireborne Blazer, and Cat Chain Belt
It may be an understatement for me to say that these items were always my "go-to"pieces.
Where would I have been without these items during my last semesters on campus?
I can't forget my H&M booties, which are featured in all four of these looks, which
was an awesome $10 steal! 

4. Winter Skirt Essentials
At first sight, this tribal print type skirt in Goodwill wasn't the prettiest I've ever seen, which is 
one of the reasons why I had to have it. Along with the beautiful teal, black and purples stripes, this skirt became a great winter look! I actually would wear this skirt backward, yes that slit is supposed to be in the back, to give this skirt more appeal and innovation. I love being multi-dimensional with my clothing. 

What were some of your favorite looks feature on Classic.Raw.Beauty.? 


clemence said...

I love the 2 last one
Can you please check my blog and follow back pls

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you beautiful, I will definitely check your blog out!

Whitney James said...

The first and last are my faves!