Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Maternity Fashion Essentials

Boy, has it been a short summer!

With me starting a new job and taking on the role as a pregnant makeup artist, the summer seemed to fly by me. I have been a terrible fashion blogger throughout this whole pregnancy, but this pregnancy has been a huge adjustment for me since graduating college. There have been tough times and beautiful times since walking across the stage,  but I am extremely thankful to have a blog space where I can release some creative tension.

Despite my lack of outfit posts, I have been able to track down my style in camera photos each week or every other week when I was up to it. Nevertheless, as my beautiful baby grew so did my bump and I needed clothing that was still stylish and functional for my new blossoming figure. Since all my funds have been dedicated to little man, I shopped my own closet for most of my items or I went to H&M and invested in great transitional pieces that I could wear post-pregnancy. And, if you can tell, I had one favorite piece that came up a lot on my Instagram (classicraw): 

Essential Pieces: Thrifted Goodwill Blouse & Cotton Blend Maxi Skirt

H&M Leggings

The essential black tank and my thrifted fedora!

What were your essential maternity/summer pieces this summer?


Fredetta said...

Love! Very cute and love how you wore the shirt each time!

Superblondeep said...

I love all! the 3 outfits are nice! and congrat for your maternity!

Chakayla Taylor said...

Thank you so much beautiful ladies, once my little one gets here I will constantly post more outfits!