Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello December

 Happy December !

I hope you lovelies are enjoying the chilly weather like I am! Ok let's be honest, the only reason I enjoy winter is for the peacoats, long skirts and of course boots and knee high socks.  

To add to my love for winter clothing, I joined YouTube Fashion & Beauty Blogger Runa Azam's
Instagram fashion challenge called "Shop Your Closet Challenge."  
The rules are simple and as follows:
1. We do not shop for 30 days (Lord, help us!)
2. We solely shop from our closets and put things together in your own unique way!

Runa explains that through this challenge we, as fashion bloggers and style lovers, can learn how to become more versatile with our clothing and personal style choices. As a fashion blogger, I am up for the challenge, and this is my first look for the month!

Wearing: Target Beret | Old Navy Peacoat | Thrifted Skirt | H&M Boots
All from my closet!

I am still all natural, just giving my curls a break 

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Instagram: GlambyRuna
YouTube: Runa Azam


Whitney James said...

CUTE! Love the skirt, as well as your beret/tam. :-)


Chakayla said...

Hey Whit!! Thank you so much! This hat is my all time favorite find at Target!