Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New Me, New Visions!

I have finally created my vision board for 2014! This is my very first, but it will not be the last! 2013 was a challenging yet wonderful year for me as a blogger and new mommy, but 2014 will be the "Year of the Mommy," yes I am so claiming it! Below you will find images of aspirations and achievements that I would love to accomplish and strive toward for years to come!

Descriptions will be from left to right

1. The Navabi Curvy Blog Award is a prestigious award given to the most stylish plus size bloggers worldwide! I am striving to create quality work and style posts like the winners and runner-ups in 2014!

2. Full Figured Fashion Week is a week long fashion event for curvy girls, and this summer I would love to go and help market the event while networking with other amazing plus size style bloggers!

3. Bloggers Like Me (BLM), is an awesome network page that I just connected to and in 2014 I will continue to use those connections to network and promote CRB!

4. The Gabi Fresh Feature: I would love to have CRB featured in a magazine or provide style advice for any magazine! With hard work comes great results!

5. The Dollar Sign Safe: I am striving for more financial security for myself and my family.

6. Globe & Passport: I want to travel and see the world! Not only to see how style is translated to different countries, but how cultural traditions influence them!

7. Financial Freedom: I want the ability to manage my finances without the burden of debt or short ends.

8. Solange & Motherhood is not for Sissies: Are great inspirations for me as a mother, that I can still be successful on my career path as well as an awesome Rock Mom like June Ambrose!

9. Beauty Con Symbol: Beauty Con is a huge beauty event that is held in L.A. where many beauty YouTubers go and mingle, I want to be there to!!

10. Black Women in Business: Just like the sign says! Entrepreneurship is something you continuously work on, I am willing to do the work! As a blogger and mommy, I constantly write down ideas that could one day be profitable. Even though I have not found my niche just yet, I am still working on being successfully independent as a businesswoman! 

Have you created your 2014 vision board?


Ashley Walton said...

Congrats on being a mommy! I love your vision board, we have similar aspirations! i just changed my blog name after having the same name for 2 years! i hope for much success to you in 2014!

Miss Dre said...

I wish you the best with all of your future endeavors!

Chakayla Taylor said...

Ashley! Thank you so much! This was my first time creating a true vision board to inspire my year! I will definitely be checking out your blog, change is always fresh! Much success for you in 2014 my love!

Chakayla Taylor said...

Miss Dre! I wish the same for you my love!