Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: The Essentials

When rebuilding your wardrobe, it is important to evaluate what your wardrobe is truly lacking. There are a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself:

Do you find that you have great statement pieces, but do not have those simple basics to tie the look together?
You have all the essentials like skinny jeans and tees, but do you have accessories to vary your looks on an everyday basis?

When you finally figure out what you need take a look at this cute diagram that I made below:
All descriptions of clothing items will be discussed by row letter.
Row A: 
Every woman should have a variety of tops that they can mix n' match with any outfit they may want to put together. The three core tops that I am also trying to incorporate into my wardrobe are basic long and short sleeve tops along with camis. The classic oxford shirt with cute color details and mix fabric mediums (like cotton & faux leather) can be dressed up or dressed down. Finally, the cute graphic tee is just a fun piece that you can throw on with a pair of jeans, a blazer and pumps and instantly look all dressed up without even trying.

Row B:
Your wardrobe should always include a gorgeous bag of tricks to keep everyone guessing! Statement pieces like printed blazers and oversized cardigans, are those main pieces that pair amazingly well with your basic tees and tanks. The plain black pencil skirt and skinny jean and pant are essential because they are the base to any and every look you may want to create. If you are like me, my wardrobe must always include a trendy print like hounds-tooth or the ever-popular, tartan. 
Accessories along with these key clothing pieces, further express your character in an outfit. Accessories are core to every wardrobe! 

Row C: 
The final element that we should incorporate into our closets would be those interchangeable pieces that complete and seal the deal! This category includes tights, leggings and shoes options! Winters definitely call for tights & leggings. If you are a lover of the "winter shorts" look, pairing them with an opaque pair of tights will instantly sophisticate the look when paired with key elements like a blazer and oxford shirt. 
Essential footwear should include a pair of flats (of any kind), not only can they provide comfort they instantly "cash" (nickname for casual, yes I am trying to be cool) up any look! 
Being that I am a former Jersey girl, I always have to have boots in my wardrobe!

 Boots are just darn cute, do you need anymore explanations on why you need them, lol? 

I hope this guide helps you ladies welcome 2014 with a stylish entrance! 

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Robyne Boyce said...

This will be my GO to guide! I absolutely love it, and it's so user friendly. As I read over the details of the makings of my wardrobe transformation, I was easily able to picture everything you wrote. Love loved it!