Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mommy & Munchkin Style Feature: Cosette & Victoria

Instagram is a wonderful place to create virtual communities, and in my case I have created a mini mommy community! Cosette is one of the mother's that I have met who has been such a joy! A genuine mommy friend in her own right, Cosette takes extreme pride as a mother. Her daughter Victoria is just the cutest and a stylish reflection of her mother: 

Cosette is also a blogger, click the link here: I Loving Victoria

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for Victoria and yourself? 

"I live in a very small town at the moment with a very limited amount of stores where I find items that I love, I also like to save time and money so I shop at stores that have both clothes for me and for Victoria. At the moment, we are loving Old Navy, Target, TJ Maxx, JCPenney and Macy's. I have found these stores carry items I love with a variety of styles and in one stop. I love dressing myself in basics and accessorizing as much as I can. While I like to save my pennies I also do invest in special pieces in my wardrobe because I am in the legal field and I manage a law firm's PR so my image is very important. For special long term pieces I do shop at Nordstrom, Macy's and H&M. At these stores I find great items for Victoria and investment timeless pieces for myself."

Truly a stylish reflection of her mommy! Victoria is wearing: Burt's Bees Bottom, Cutie Pie Top (part of a 2 piece), Babyglam Accessories headband.

 Since your are a thrifty mommy, do your (or will you) shop the same for your baby girl?

"I am not thrifty in the sense of purchasing used clothing items for me or Victoria. I do purchase home items, art and othert things. I find that most of the time, I can find the same item new for a great sale price. I shop sales only everywhere I shop and I do the same for Victoria. I worked retail for years and I learned that it's just a waste of money when you buy full price for anything. I can go months without purchasing something because I refuse to pay full retail price. In Victoria's case I shop ahead of her size. Always the next size up and I scout clearance racks at Target, Kohls, Old Navy and Macy's. I have items for next summer already that I cannot wait to put on her."

                                  How does your personal style influence the way you dress your child?

 "I am still figuring out my new mommy style. Motherhood requires you to go from washing dishes to chasing your toddler to scrubbing the floor to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Additionally, I am a nursing mom and work at home and it's easy to fall into the sweats and t-shirt kind of 'style' but I refuse to waste my clothes and fabulous shoes in the closet. So for now my style just consists of a LOT of accessories so I can remove pieces and adapt to the situation. Victoria on the other hand, has always had her glamorous style since she was born. My mother always said pearls and heels before 10:00 AM and so we do. I try to follow that everyday with my daughter as well, so no matter what we have planned for the day she is always dressed ready to take on the world. I am a shoe lover, but let's be real her shoes never stay on so I resort to a lot of headbands for now to create that twist on her wardrobe. I strangely feel she has actually influenced my style. When I started becoming a professional in the legal field my wardrobe became so boring.  Nowadays, thanks to my work at home I have re-discovered pink, yellow, bright green, glitter and all the fun things I was missing in my life. Sometimes I let her wardrobe inspire mine and I have fun coordinating our outfits.  Somehow though, she always looks more put-together than I do, after all somebody needs to wash the dishes and her clothes!"

Baby Victoria is very fashion forward!
 What is your favorite part about motherhood? 

"I love everything about her. I cannot believe how much Iove I have for this lady. She is my world. Motherhood is having a little companion to do everything with. I currently live far away from my family and long time friends; and I did not realize how 'lonely' I felt when my husband was away until I had her. Because of her, I smile all day long. I have a friend to dance with, play with, listen to music with, work out, and do all the things I love. It is amazing how much my life has changed since she arrived. She is my 'sunny side up' baby and I promise you it's not only because of her birth position- she is my sun everyday here in gloomy Washington."

                                         Who says diapers and heels don't go perfectly together?

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