Friday, May 27, 2011

Play With Your Clothes!

Hello Beauties,
Ok, if you are veterans of Classic.Raw.Beauty then I guarantee youve heard me say brother thrifted, sister thrifted at some point on here. Excuse me for never really explaining what I meant, it simply means I was given the item from a close family member or friend. In the case of this tutorial, this Nautica shirt is brother thrifted.

Since you all really enjoyed the scarf tutorials, I wanted to give you all more options with your clothing and accessories. There are dozens of ways to wear one item, I love playing with my clothes, and I want to show you lovelies that its okay to step outside the box and show your creativity.

I hope you all love what you see here. Please feel free to email me at



Regal Halter
Keep shirt on and slip down shirt off your shoulder and arms. Take free arms and tie to make the first knot that will rest in the middle of your chest, then tie cuffs of the sleeves around your neck.
Criss Crossed Shoulder
Take arms of the shirt tuck each arm in the opposite direction to create a criss cross effect of the top. Pin.
Classic Half Open Button Down
1990 Front Tie Button Down
Front Tied Strapless Top
With this style, you want to make sure your strapless bra is not visible in the back. Take the arms of shirt and tie around your waist. Simple, yet chic.



SheDel said...

this is DOPE!!!! REAL DOPE!!! I approve :)

Billie Monroe said...

;) score!!!!