Saturday, May 14, 2011

1 Thrifted Scarf 4 Ways

Hello Beauties!

Since I don't start work until June, I've been coming up with endless tutorials for you all! One of those being summer scarf tutorials! The turban trend has become such inspiration for me that I've decided to make one of my own with some of the awesome scarves I have. I wanted to make these tutorials short and sweet, and most importantly easy! These looks worked for me, since they are lowkey and simple, I hope you all feel the same way. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions, picture submissions, and requests on this tutorial at

1. Minnie Mouse Bow

(Vintage Hoop Earrings: Forever21)

2. Criss-Cross Turband

(Green Chandelier Stone Earrings: Forever21)
In order to achieve this look, tie the scarf around your forehead and tie in the back. Take the ends of the scarf and cross over the middle section of your head.
3. Mini Urban Turband

(Chandelier Feather Earrings: Charlotte Russe)
DIY: The Urban Turban (Click Link)

4. Turban
(Chandelier Rhinestone Feather Earrings: Forever21)
Natural Belle Turban Tutorial


Black Butterfly said...

so cute! especially the first look

Just Daisy said...

Omg thanks for the tutorial ideas I've been dying to make a cute head band out of scarfs for the longest. All these looks are perfect!


Ciaa said...

wow, These are different way that i never used before . Nice tutorial

Billie Monroe said...

thankyou ladies!! stay tuned for more! i so appreciate the support!