Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Queen of Thrift

Hello Loves,

It always pays to have amazing, stylish friends that inspire you to do your best no matter what it may be. This young lady is my better fashion half, aka my little sister from the VI, and her Caribbean flavor adds amazing flair to her style. With many labels: photographer, model, fashion consultant, stylist, friend, and companion, she is taking the blog world by storm with her amazing posts about all things thrift fashion! Take a peek into the life of this amazing Thrift Diva!

Blogger Rundown:

Name: SheRea
Hometown: US Virgin Islands
Currently: Winston-Salem, NC

What inspires you to post on your blog?

I am inspired every day that I wake up. There is nothing I love more than life. Without life, there would be no fashion. I know that there are human beings all over the world that share in the joy of living, laughing, and the love of thrifting. I am inspired to share my story, the very story written on the pages of this world’s history. I post on my blog to show the world what life means to me, a place of genuine friendships. I blog to live. I live to blog.

Do you thrift often if so, where and how often?

Is that even a serious question? LOL I own a blog dedicated to thrift shopping! Thrifting is my life. Most of my beloved wardrobe has grown from thrifted pieces. You can see me frequenting Goodwill and Megathrift in my local Winston-Salem community. I also venture to other thrift stores when I travel to new places. On average, I thrift like once a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. If I could, I would definitely thrift every day.

What was your best find(s) at a thrift store (or any other store)?

Wow…This is hard. I love all my finds, hence why I buy them all. Maybe my collection of vests. I wear vests with anything and everything. Oh, my ties too. I couldn’t forget that. My Stacy Adam Oxfords and Vintage Dooney & Bourke bag are also keepers. See, I could go on for days.

How has blogging changed your perspective on the outside world of fashion?

I don’t know if blogging has changed my perspective on the outside world of fashion, but it has shed light on fashion. It solidifies my belief that fashion can be found anywhere. It’s in trash, it’s in disappointments, and successes. People of different ages, sizes, races, and ethnicities come together to share in fashion. Fashion is everywhere and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers ?

OMG there are soo many amazing bloggers out there. One of my favorites would have to be Tiffany Tucker of Fat Shopaholic I have even featured her on my blog and I LOVE her. I also love Vanessa, my thrifting twin and new friend. You can find her @

If you could describe your fashion blog in one word, what would it be?

Revolutionary. As far as I know, I am the first blogger to use the term “thriftshionista” I define a thriftshionista as a person (female) who is enthusiastically interested in the purchasing, collecting, and showcasing of thrifted clothing fashions. By creating this term, I change the way we look at fashion. Fashion is more than Marc Jobs or Ralph Lauren. It’s the pieces that are discarded, forgotten, and underestimated. It’s about using these pieces to make a work of art.


SheDel said...

awww you are too sweet. thank you for the feature!!

The Young Radicals said...

she rocks her clothes well.