Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Australia's First Lady of Thrift:

"Go Cinderella, go Cinderella
Orgasm Blush, lipstick, and concealer.
Oh, you fancy, huh?"

Drake's "Fancy" is definitely the appropriate introduction for this young fashionable woman! Hailing from the beautiful continent of Australia, Yeliz is an amazing spirit that destroys the barriers of the fashion industry. This dedicated First Lady of Thrift, what I love to call her, is a sweet woman who loves to uplift those around her. After meeting Yeliz on LookBook, we finally had the chance to connect and collaborate on this wonderful feature together. Yeliz is not only a gorgeous fashionista, but she is an intelligent journalism student striving to make a difference in the international fashion industry. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to connect with such an amazing young woman!! Please check out her amazing blog, Aint So Serious, and please do not believe her is indeed that serious :)

Blogger Rundown:

Name: Yeliz
Age: 21
Occupation: Student/Receptionist
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

"I'm a journalism student & want-to-be writer from down under. I have an obsessive love of fashion, food, & music, greeting cards, photography, travel, good humour, classic novels & classic movies. I have crazy faith in literature as a means of peace, & human imagination as a form of resilience."

Since your a gorgeous thrifter from Australia, what is the most unique item/piece of clothing/ect. that you have found?

Oh, you are a bit too kind. Well, unique finds would definitely have to be from my ridiculous bag and belt collection. But I would say it’s my multi-floral satin blazer with it’s make-me-happy shoulder pads! HA!

In your opinion, how do vintage pieces spice up your personal style? How does blending modern and vintage pieces add flair to your look?

I can take key items that I’m almost certain no body else has seen and mesh them with more common and on-trend items of clothing. Anything bold is a statement, I have found that most of my thrifted items are bold items and to me, mixing them with basics and bits and pieces is how I make my own personal statement. At the end of the day it makes the look something I am comfortable with because I know my style has a little something unique. At the end of the day, if you are comfortable in your skin, it shows, regardless of how much awesomeness you wear ;)

Ok, what is your staple thrifted piece/item you wear, carry, accessorize with on a weekly/daily basis? What is the first piece you go for when putting an outfit together?

A staple piece that has been on my shoulder for nearly two years now I a vintage brown leather draw string satchel/bucket bag. I picked it up at a market in Istanbul on my second day there; it cost me $4 dollars and literally did not leave my side from that moment.

The first piece I go for will usually be a vintage button up shirt, something slinky and light and I tend to layer from there. Cardigans are my guilty pleasure so I’ll work them in some how. It does depend on the occasion, if I have a staple piece that I want to dominate and outfit with I will keep things extremely simple, that way you don’t overpower the part of the outfit that means the most to you. Gosh, does that even sound right? HA!

When did you start thrifing? What fascinated you about the art of thrift?

I started thrifting a little under four years ago. My friend really got me hooked. She worked part-time at a second-hand chain store and had been thrifting from her early teens. When I realized it could be a new means of expression I discovered I had my own little knack for it. After buying some seriously silly things on my first few attempts I started to learn what I enjoyed and how I might wear them.

But my mother fascinated me too, her and her sisters were thrifters (or opp-shoppers as we call them) back in the late 70s and early 80s, they made retro ultimately amazing. I have been able to use some of their pieces they kept. I respect that there can be a history attached to what we wear. So it’s the ultimate walking story.

What bit of advice would you give to first time thrifters when hunting for vintage pieces?

Well the cliché comment here would be ‘do not be afraid to try,’ my advice is rather to find something or a style you are comfortable with and go from there. But find a style you actually LIKE, not something that is on ‘trend’ or common. Yes, do not be afraid to try, but do realize that if you are confident in your self, your style will follow suit and you may start to find your eyes dart to pieces that you never thought you could pull off. Be patient and be kind, if the items are right they will find you and look fabulous. You will be fabulous.


Yeliz said...

oh, my, gosh, this is the most doll thing any one has said, farrr freaking out honey, you are way too kind and i am beyond bashful and blushing terribly, thank you sweetheart for your kinds words, you are beyond a sweet inspiration to me, you are bold and fearless and the fashion world is lacking in ladies with confidence like yours, you have no idea how it has effected me knowing you darling!!!! thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I promise i'll be doing a thank you post asap ;) lots of love to you honey, <3

Billie Monroe said...

Yeliz you are so deserving of all good things that come your way! This was an awesome chance to get to know a great person with a beautiful spirit to share with the world! I am so happy you loved the outcome of the feature!! Thank-you for the love and generosity! Keep kicking butt!! Love yah!!

Aprilia said...

Great post! You go Yeliz!! <3


Billie Monroe said...

Thanks Aprilia!! Yeliz is amazing!!