Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY: Lace Chandelier Earrings

Hello Lovelies,

If I haven’t share this before I think I should admit it now, I love Seventeen magazine! Since I just turned 20, I think I can still get away with this slight obsession. While flipping through the pages of the February 2011 edition of Seventeen, I came across the Runway, the DIY way section and instantly fell in love with the Dolce & Gabbana inspired lace earring DIY.

Like a true fashionista, I borrowed the idea and created my own interpretation of Seventeen’s lace earrings. If you lovely ladies haven’t seen this DIY project in Seventeen, I will provide the same materials and how-to instructions from the magazine. I will also provide pictures of my earrings, feedback and email submissions to for this post are greatly appreciate it.





Earrings Posts (I used pearl earrings posts)


Lace trim (old lace shirt)

Gold Nail Polish (I used red shimmer polish)

How To:

1. CUT a pretty shape out of a piece of lace trim. Then use that shape as a template for a second piece, so they’ll match.

2. PAINT a few random sections of lace near the edges with the gold nail polish, and repeat on the second piece.

3. ATTACH the earring by poking the post through an opening at the top of the lace. Then it’s ready to wear!

Lovely lace earrings to match any gorgeous outfit!


SheDel said...

wow..... this is super cute!!! GREAT DIY Project. SOOOO CREATIVE

Billie Monroe said...

Thankyou lovely your comments are so sweet babes