Friday, June 3, 2011

This Birthday Anthem Pounds in My Ears....

Hello Lovelies,

As June 2, 2011 came to a glorious close, I wanted to share pictures of my 20th birthday that I shared with my beautiful, curvy cousin Alexis. After dinning that night we went to this hype chill spot called Dharma Lounge. With many familiar faces that night, I enjoyed the company I was with. This was one of best birthday celebrations, thus far, that I truly enjoyed!! You only turn 20 once, why not bring it in with a great bang!

Love You All,

Birthday Fit Rundown:
Necklace: New Orleans Jewelery Store
Banded Dress: Charlotte Russe
Shoes (not pictured here): Jessica Simpson Danys

signature pose before it became BeyShoulders :)

caught off guard....imperfection is beauty
big smiles and lovely curves

What a wonderful birthday!!


lalaG said...

girl. you better work!

lolita said...

You are so fabulous looking s.e.k.s.x x

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you gorgeous ladies!! I will definitely check out your blogs lovelies!!

Just Daisy said...

looking stunning in those Foxy's honey! :)


Billie Monroe said...

thanks darling!!!!!