Friday, June 3, 2011

Introducing a Sweet Spirit:

Heena Somani


After chatting with this gorgeous and humble young lady on LookBook.Nu, she has become one of the sweetest people I have featured thus far. Heena doesn't need any further introductions she is just that awesome, take a look at our Q&A session and you will see how dope she really is! This budding Fashion Marketing student from Singapore has both flair and undeniable swag, take a peek at this awesome young lady! Check her out: FANATICAL FASHION

What inspires you to blog to an audience of fashion lovers?

One of the main things that inspire me is the opprotunity to explore. In fashion you can break any rule and it keep evolving. The best part is it's not monotonous. I just blog for fun and definitely my love for fashion. Morever, no obligation inspires you more.

Though she doesn't thrift often, she enjoys the art of thrift. Her wonderful taste in quality items led her to this beautiful clutch from a shop in Bangkok.

Heena's love for fanatical fashion puts her ahead of the game of any other fashionista.

How has blogging changed your perspective on the world of fashion?

Blogging has probably changed my perspective a lot. It is amazing how versitile the industry is and this just proves everyone has a great platform to share their passion. You meet such great people and I cannot believe how strangers are so sweet and become such an important part of your life.

Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers?

Style Scrapbook , The Sartorialist

The Blonde Salad

If you could describe your fashion blog in one word, what would it be?

Fanatical (the title of the blog describes it all)

Special Thanks to Ms. Heena of Fanatical Fashion


heena somani said...

Thankk you so much lovely... <3

Billie Monroe said...

<3 anytime darling!! we must stay in touch.

arpita said...

Heena u doing commenable work ,,n going to change the face of fashion with your passion n vision in this field