Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fashion is Limitless: Embrace your Curves

"Beauty is in the eye of the fashionable beholder"
Billie M.

Love yourself and those around you, this is the mantra of my life right now. I refuse to look like the stick figure models in the magazines, thank god that CURVY WOMEN are ruling the scene and inspiring young women like me! With great dreams to be a plus size model, I know that the first step is to be confident in myself no matter what!! So this OOTD, is dedicated to the curvy girls who love their luscious curves, and encouragement of our fellow curvy ladies to show off what nature has blessed them with.

Fit Rundown:
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Bandeau (DIY): Charlotte Russe Scarf
Skirt: Forever21 (dress)

Eat and be merry!


Dreek♥ said...

FIERCE DIVA!!!!!! i love it!!!!!


Apple said...

i love the outfit, YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!! and i applaud u for rocking the bandeau, I am full on top, and i don't have the confidence to rock it. but you have given me that push, so i will be rocking it this weekend. and i will post a pic! :)

Billie Monroe said...

@Dreek THANKS LOVELY!!!!!!!!

@Apple Yes love rock your bandeau with pride my love! Try wearing your strapless bra and covering it with a printed scarf (just like i did)
Please post a pic and send it to me

Tiffany said...

gotta love the bandeauuu :) i like this look on you! work it girl!!

Billie Monroe said...

thanks Tiffany!!! The French have a way of creating the most DOPE styles and trends!!!


Katie Mac said...

Confidence is beautiful!