Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tribal Print OOTD

"You a bad girl, and your friend's bad too! You got that swag sauce, you dripping Swagu"
Kanye West

Shout out to the new followers of Classic.Raw.Beauty!! With that being said, I would love to introduce you into a world of curvy acceptance! This past month I have been promoting self appreciation and love, and I would love for you lovely ladies to join me in this movement. I so appreciate the wonderful comments you guys have left, it is just the right motivation I need day by day! Last night I wanted to post a super casual fit, since I was just in that chill kinda mode.
I have a secret I would love to share with you ladies, PLAY WITH YOUR CLOTHES. Trust me you can never go wrong with wearing a dress as a skirt one day, or wearing your jumpsuit as pants the next. Go for it ladies!

Live Life Freely

Fit Rundown:

Necklace: Jewelry Store in New Orleans
Tribal Tank: Torrid
Jumpsuit (Turned Pants): Rainbow
Box Purse: Clothing Swap in Winston-Salem, NC
Shoes: Doll House



Superblondeep said...

hi pretty! thanx for yours lovelys commnets on my blog. And thanx for follow me. I love your style too and I follow you now. see you ;) big kiss xoxoxoxo

Billie Monroe said...

thanks babes!! girl I've seen your wonderful comments pop up on other blogs i've been following and had to see what this Blonde Bombshell was about, and I totally love your style gorgeous!!!
thanks for following doll!!

Coily Mystic said...

Gurl you look good!!!!

Billie Monroe said...

thanks love!! btw your earrings are bomb!! i need some in my life!!!

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...


Billie Monroe said...

thankss love!!!!