Saturday, July 2, 2011

CRB Salutes Followers: GIVEAWAY!!!

I would love to thank my wonderful and genuine followers of Classic.Raw.Beauty. I can't believe this blog has reached out to 100 fashionable readers! Without you lovely ladies reading each post and leaving heart felt comments, this blog would not be what it is today. So in honor of my 100 followers, I am doing my first giveaway!! I love you all so much! The winner will receive this DIY thrifted cropped top (1XL) and a pair of my custom Lace Earrings.

(valid for US residents only)

1. You must be following CRB (Classic.Raw.Beauty).
2. Comment on this post and tell me what inspires your inner fashionista to come out.
3.Leave your name and email address.

Contest Ends: July 10, 2011

Good luck my lovely fashionistas!! The winner will be chosen randomly by a number generator.




Wynter Spring said...

I would like to say that YOU inspire my inner fashionista! (and, no, I'm not saying this because those earrings are the tea & I need them in my life..right now) lol Seriously, I walked around for so long trying to "hide" what was God-given or literally trying to "fit-in" to things that just weren't made for me (and I can't even begin to tell you how big of a filthy label-whore I used to be) lol Then I met YOU. & I'm thinking, "Here's this big beautiful girl, she's natural...and she is SERVIN' these skinny b*tches on campus!!! WERK!" lol and that inspired to me to be just a little more daring with my wardrobe choices & finally realize that it's really not about WHAT you're wearing, or how much it COSTS, but that if YOU are comfortable with YOU -- inside & out -- then the clothes you wear pale in comparison to the beam from within!


Wynter Spring

Billie Monroe said...

(GABBY ROSE) hey mama .. i;m gonna keep in real simple and say u inspire me because ur not afraid to be urself and show off ur curves! u give strength to women like ourselves who may not be as comfortable in there skin! female empowerment!!! thats what i see u spreading and self love!! i thank u for that , and i love u for it and the support u've shown me as well! much love mama!

Nisa said...

my inspiration is FATshion bloggers all around the world! all of you do a great job, and set the trend for curvy girls everywhere. thank you!


SRS said...
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TeTe said...

My fashion inspiration truly comes from my favorite bloggers. When I visit my favorites' blogs (especially those representing for us plus size girls) it always makes me want to jump up and get dressed because you all are 100% confident in everything that you wear. It's rare for me to come in contact with such confident fashionistas considering I'm from MS. Once you try something different here, people will look at you and speak negatively. But I must admit that since I've found the world of fashion bloggers, I'm more inclined to wear what makes ME feel good.

Oh and bloggers like you introduced me to the greatness of thrifting, I'm addicted!

TeTe said...



So excited for you reaching 100 followers...that is awesome!! What a great way to show your appreciation. I really love that DIY top! I would say that my mood most def inspires my inner fashionista to come out. I like to buy "trendy" things and mix them with vintage or thrifted items that I already own...its new meets old. My email address is Thanks a bunch!

SheDel said...

Hey girl!

Everyday that I wake up, I am inspired by both women and men alike. Ive seen people and outfits that inspire me on tv, in the airport, etc and ESPECIALLY in the blog world. The blog world is such a special place where people of various races, sizes, and backgrounds come together to create masterpieces. I'm just happy to be alive seriously because I'm learning and growing sooo much.


Epiphany Espinosa said...

Hey Cha Cha :)

My beautiful friends inspire my inner fashionista. Everyday they motivate me to try new things and outfit combinations that I would have never thought of. Their bold choices give me the confidence to be more adventurous. All of my fashionable, dope friends also help me get "dressed up" more often. If all of your friends are getting all dolled up, you don't want to be the only one with sweats and a tee on. You don't want to be the one taking pictures instead of being in them. Without my gorgeous friends, I wouldn't be anywhere near the fashionista that I am today <3