Monday, July 25, 2011

The Misadventures of Buffalo Exchange

Hello Lovelies!!!

I'm back with another thrift post! If you are a CRB veteran you all may remember me talking about Buffalo Exchange, a chain of amazing thrift stores throughout the states, and how I needed to check out what it had to offer. So finally, on one sunny, turned rainy, Saturday my wonderful friend Lauren and I checked out the local Buffalo Exchange in Charlotte. I was surprised at the modern merchandise that they carried! I was looking for more of a vintage thrifting experience, but overall I was satisfied with the unique dresses that I had a chance to try on!!!
This French Connection dress was a perfect match on me!!
But it was too steep for my pockets, nearly $40 and pay day was a week away!

This photo was actually taken in a vintage boutique called Hong Kong Vintage, across the street from Buffalo Exchange! This store was the epitome of vintage! This bag was to die for!

I wasn't ready :)

Cute tank dress, just a bit too snug around the tummy.

My girly Lauren in Hong Kong Vintage with this dope 90s chain purse! Very "Salt-N-Pepa"



SheDel said...

Love this post!!!! thank you leaving all that love on my page sis. I wish you had gotten that dress

P.S. you look well SKIMP

Vivi said...

The bags from the Hong Kong Vintage are too cute. There is no Buffalo Exchange in the DC area but I did go to the one up in NYC. It was cool. Got a couple of bags from there.

Billie Monroe said...

@SheRea thanks doll!! i have to show love every chance i get!!! love you much!! girl now you know im thick lol!!

@Vivi Buffalo Exchange is wonderful!! I must see these bags you got Ms.Vivi

Coily Mystic said...


Kanesha said...

I missed you by a day! Me & my bff checked both stores out friday lol. I like the vibe of hong kong, but they have things I've found at goodwill but st triplet the price...guess u can do that when "vintage" is slapped on the name lol

LaToya said...

That french connection dress looked so dope of you! I love finding great thrifted items. You look like you had fun!

Billie Monroe said...

Thank you lovelies!!!
@CoilyMistic thanks mama!!!
@Kanesha oh man!! Agreed! Fashionistas have to be careful what others consider vintage, when it was made with modern modifications in mind!

@LaToya Thanks my love! It was an awesome time! it was a bloggers dream!!

Cherrie J. said...

Thanks for the heads up! I've never heard of Buffalo Exchange...but now I will be paying them a visit! Love the post.