Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tanned Beauty: OOTD

"Everything I'm not, made me everything I AM"
-Kanye West

These past few days have been great! Since I am constantly working during the week, going to the beach was a wonderful trip for me and my family to unwind and enjoy each other's company! While at a local homemade ice cream shop in town, I had my niece TJ take a couple of pictures to show off my simple, casual outfit of the day. I hope you guys summer plans and trips have been amazing!!!

Fit Rundown:

Tube Top (bodycon skirt)-Wetseal
African Print Pant-Thrifted
Sandals- Walmart

I love this backdrop :)


Kanesha said...

I love the print on the trousers, its simple yet bold enough to catch the eye! Keep up the great blogging & checkout my blog when you get the time!

Billie Monroe said...

Thanks Kanesha!! I'm checking you our right now doll!!! i so thank you for your comment my love!!!!


Girl this outfit is amazing!! Those pants are fabulous and you are wearing them perfectly with that tube top! Kiah

Billie Monroe said...

thanks lovely lady!!! :)

Katie Mac said...

I love these pants…they look so comfy and chic!

Billie Monroe said...

Thanks Katie!! They really are, thrifted finds are the best finds!!!