Saturday, October 29, 2011

OOTN: Last Night, A Success

Hello, Good Morning!

I'm up after spending one hour at a Kappa Alpha Psi party and I ironically found the energy to post my club pictures from the other night. Lately I have been straying away from the standard club fits (revealing tops, crazy short skirts, and outrageously tight dresses), yes I have been a victim of all three, and wearing more age appropriate attire. Being that I'm finally 20 years young, I am finally starting to realize that I can be both sexy and frugal at the same time. It's such a wonderful feeling to know I can throw on a chiffon long sleeve blouse and embrace my inner beauty without being self conscious or comparing myself to other women in the club. Wear what makes you feel most comfortable and sexy, showing skin is not always the route to feeling gorgeous! 

What makes you feel most beautiful?
Fit Rundown:

Feather Earrings: Mall Kiosk in Greensboro
Chiffon Blouse: Forever21
(Ladies this top was a whopping $15, I had to purchase it)
Skirt: Friend Thrifted
Shoes: Urban Outfitters (Deena & Ozzy)

Blurry, but this is my favorite! We go back, way back! High School Days!

Another blurry one, I love my ladies!


Anonymous said...

I love love love your earrings!!!!

BrittanyAnne said...


The Notorious ZAG said...

So cute, and brilliant of you at only 20. I love it. Sexy, yet classy; you could easily wear this out to dinner too. All your ladies look smashing as well, go girls!

Ashleigh Nicole said...

Love the blouse, the color is gorg!

xo Ashleigh

Laurie said...

Guuurl! I can totally understand how you feel. I've never worn the short dresses to clubs...I just didn't feel the need to. I DON'T feel sexy when I show too much skin and I am glad you are realizing that it isn't necessary to do so. That blouse is EVERYTHING! And those shoes? Perfect!

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'Tia said...

Love love love the earrings!!!

I wanna be fierce said...

You betta go ahead wit ya bad self. Love this look. Loving those earrings as well.


Billie Monroe said...

I so love the wonderful comments sweethearts!!!!!!!!! Checking all your blogs out :)

G. said...

i love that green blouse!!!

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~Shay~ said...

so you havent submitted this to the blog why???? lol! please continue to share this fierceness!