Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CRB Does Boho Uptown Glam

Hello Ladies! 

I thank you for all supporting me in my venture of opening up my very own store Classic.Raw.Beauty 
on Storenvy ! I am offering great items from my very own closet. It has been a great experience thus far! Here are some pictures of me acting model-like on the webcam :)

I am also offering a promotional discount for all my beautiful Classic.Raw.Beauty followers:
When you visit my store: Classic.Raw.Beauty.   enter in the promotional code"CLASSICRAW" to get 10% off on all items.  
 Fit Rundown: 
Fur Vest: Department Store 
Shirt: Brother Thrifted
Jeans: Goodwill

Love You All!


lasophia said...

Congrats girl! Best of luck on your store. I should be starting one of mine soon...

Billie Monroe said...

Thanks doll!! Please let me know when you open up shop!

Darius Burnette said...

My darling can you say FAB?

Moya2bean said...

Love this post..

You look awesome! Very fab!
The store sounds cool!


Billie Monroe said...

Thank you darling!