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CRB Feature: Z & Me Creations

Hello Ladies!

Since joining Storenvy I have met some amazing store owners! I would love to introduce a wonderful lady who is both inspirational and personable ! Heids is a great lady, check out her feature and her online store:

Name: Heids
Age: 42
Occupation: Heids, 42, Currently a SAHM /Small business owner...Former retail Dept manager with over 20 years management and sales experience. (8 years in women's fashion and accessories and some experience in fine jewelry sales)
"Heart of Autism Pendant" Dedicated to Heids Daughter
How did you come up with the concept? What is the history behind the line?

I had been creating and selling jewelry since 2005,but mainly selling to friends,co workers,daughter's teachers (home show) and setting up at craft shows. In 2008 our family moved state to state and my supplies laid packed away for 2 years while we we were in transition. For two years I didn't have any creative spark and I had no idea "where" to even market my creations.In 2011 Z&MeCreations was created after I learned about Storenvy. Suddenly I had a market to merchandise my wares,and a new spark of creativity. It is solely MY business,from creation,to photography and marketing. It's 100% me. The "Z" in Z&MeCreations stands for my daughter...who happens to be High Functioning Autistic. One line of merchandise in my collections I've created is to promote Autism Awareness. In that aspect she is my inspiration for this one area of sales.

What is the vision for the line and what products are available for sale?

Z&MeCreations offers a range of fashion accessories,with a focus on Tree of Life Pendants and Custom "Family Trees" (where I create a tree using the specified birth month colors). Custom work is accepted.
Along with Tree of Life Pendants,there are custom created Epoxied Pendants,Earrings,Kids Collection jewelry to name a few...With more collections to come. I will be adding wire wrapped rings to the collection soon,and many more.
 I feature monthly sales,emphasizing a specific collection or highlighting a new collection.Z&MeCreations offers something to everyone. From the  "fashionable" 15 year old to the "trendy" 50+ year old.

Right now I create from my heart and my mind's eye. My designs are inspired simply by the material I use (I like to work a lot in natural elements,semi precious stones,wire,wood) and by things I would like to wear. Often my designs are simply something I'd like to create for myself to wear. I do not mass produce items. Very few designs are (usually only if it's a "featured/promo" piece)  reproduced,other than that-each piece is individual and rarely duplicated(usually only by request and if the supplies are still available-also being the fact I use a lot of natural stone-no two pieces will ever be exactly the same given the natural characteristics of the stones,or the way wire bends and behaves)

So if you're looking for "One of a kind" or "Limited collection" pieces you will find that in Z&MeCreations

 Describe your personal style, where do you gain your inspiration from? 

I guess my style  would be classified as "Ecclectic"-I pull inspiration from my own soul (and past years of working in women's fashion and accessories-lol).
I have a love of "Ethnic" or "Bohemian" style. I'm very drawn to Earth Tones and Earth Elements.
You get a glimpse of myself in every piece I design,especially in my earrings. That seems to be where my flair and spin on design really show through.
Who are you biggest inspirations in the accessories world? 

Honestly-No one...I simply go with timeless style.
  I've just restocked my earring collection (Running a feature sale for the Month of March (March 1-31)
 5/$12 Sale...Regular price is $3 each (and yes-this includes natural gemstones)...You get 5 pair of earrings ffor the price of 4)
 and my inspiration for my latest pieces are simply the approach of summer...Bohemian style tops,Ethnic prints,Sandals-never go out of fashion. Right now the emphasis is on large (2" or larger) pendants and larger drop earrings. I love wire wrapping,and many of my pieces (and more to come) feature wire wrapping. 

What advice would you give to aspiring jewelery designers trying to find an outlet for success?

Feel around you area first-try n do some craft shows so you can get some input from people other than family and friends-That way you can see your area of focus. What catches people's attention. Once you feel comfortable you may then want to look into online marketing. But just remember it's A LOT of work-you need to be willing to market yourself-you can't  just create a web page and assume all these sales will start rolling in. Create a mailing mist. Use social media. But YOU are your biggest cheer leader for your business. You put in way more hours than often is realized.
Word of advice- Don't overcharge your customers-Just cuz someone is charging 4-5X what you are doesn't make their piece better-It means they only get a sale here and there. Offer fair pricing. Build a repeat clientelle. This isn't just for jewelry designers,but advice for all crafters looking to expand into sales. If something doesn't work,try something else. Don't limit yourself,but do not over expand yourself either. Find your niche and continue to improve upon it.

Check out Heids Store Here: Z&ME Creations 

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